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To insure you install properly the CellLaVie product you are encouraged to watch throughout the installation guide video.


If your installation questions are not answered in the CellLaVie Installation Guide video, you are encouraged to Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Installation Tips


Before Installing


Before begin installation make sure both your hands and the device are clean from dust and finger oil. This will insure the adhesive will not damage and the “look” will be dust/finger-print free.


During Installation


Properly aligning the product to the device is the most important stage of the installation process and will insure both the functionality and look once the product is applied on the device. Please watch throughout the Installation Guide video before starting the installation to learn the preferred alignment technique. It is important to note that as long the adhesive side is applied with the application solution it is possible to realign the product. Once the squeegee is used and/or the solution dries, it is not possible to realign the product to fit the device outline.


How to stick corners and flaps?


The best way to make the corner and sides/flaps adhere to the back and sides of the device is by using the palm and fingers (see Installation Guide video for demonstration of this technique). Also leaving the device between 5-10 minutes (depending on amount of solution and room temperature), for the solution to evaporate and the device to begin to dry, will make the product more tacky. We recommend returning on this procedure of the palm and fingers, plus wait for a few minutes, several times.

Reinstallation is not possible once the palm, fingers and/or squeegee are used. Please make sure product is aligned properly before beginning the removal of excess solution and bubbles.


Once properly installed you have reduced significantly your electromagnetic exposure – Congratulations!

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