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CellLaVie is designed specifically to reduce 98% of your iPhone’s electromagnetic radiation all while protecting your iPhone from scratches.


There are growing evidences that long-term use of mobile phones may lead to cancer and other hazardous health effects. More…

There are several factors that keep us in constant exposure to dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation, to name a few: in most cases you can’t “feel” its presence and strength, its effects are in long-term, its sources are numerous, regulations regarding radiation are not the same across the globe and differ per “type”. More…


Finally you can enjoy using your cell phone without concerning yourself with the hazardous effects of electromagnetic radiation on you and your love ones.


CellLaVie is an innovative, patent pending, only product in the world. Supply you and your love ones with 98% radiation exposure reduction.


CellLaVie was tested by MET labs (California) testing and certification company (Full test report can be found here)

CellLaVie is made of ultra thin transparent film, enables use of other accessories/cases as well


CellLaVie product arrives with installation kit which includes: installation solution, squeegee, lint free cloth and product warranty. Please read installation instructions and watch through the installation video before applying CellLaVie on your device.



Why CellLaVi Logo


CellLaVie is the only product which reduce 98% of your iPhone radiation and offer protection to you, your love ones and your device


CellLaVie can be used along with any other cell phone accessory/case






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