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Wise Environment addresses the challenge of supplying the basic  need, and right, of each one of us for safer and healthier living environment.


Our Story


Our story begins around three years ago when the founder of Wise Environment decided to answer two questions that resided in his mind (and seems also in many other people minds) for a long time. The first question was “Is mobile technology safe?” and the second one “If it’s not safe, than what can be done about it?” Answering both questions was not an easy task; it took many sleepless nights and a lot of hard work.


To answer the first question: “Is mobile technology safe?” relevant scientific studies which examined electromagnetic radiation health effects, as well as understanding the standardization and regulations regarding the technology involved, needed to be reviewed and analyzed. The conclusion was that indeed there are effects on heath caused by electromagnetic radiation emitted from communication technologies, including mobile phones.

Other staggering findings, revealed on the way, indicated that insurance companies don’t insure against electromagnetic radiation damages. Also governments and regulations, concerning electromagnetic radiation, differ from country to country, indicate on the disagreement and confusion there is regarding determine of what is safe? And where the guard bands should be set? When considering public use of electromagnetic radiation emitting devices/technology.


The path, to answer the second question: “What can be done?” lead to several innovative ideas followed by months of feasibility checks and prototyping, included investment in purchasing of special materials, and professional measurement and testing devices. Afterwards patent applications were submitted, which paved the way moving to next stage – production.


Finally, he succeeded answering both questions! No longer do we need to say “C’est la vie” (that’s life in French) and use the mobile phones supplied to us “as is”, but we can start saying CellLaVie!


Wise Environment has launched its first product which reduces iPhone’s electromagnetic exposure by 98% and there are more exciting products on the way…


Today Wise Environment is looking for strategic investors and distributors to leverage its operation, reach worldwide markets, expend its array of products to support leading mobile devices and develop future solutions which its exclusive technology can offer.


How Wise Environment define itself

Wise Environment Ltd. is a young, visionary, independent company (unrelated to any mobile phone company). Wise Environment addresses the challenge of supplying the basic need, and right, of each one of us for safer and healthier living environment.


Company Vision

To make a contribution to the world by making tools for shaping healthier living environment


Company Mission

To produce high-quality, low-cost, user friendly products which protect against health-hazards


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